OOC: Ok so, here’s the thing; like half of my inbox are asks like these. And they are really sweet! But accepting a thing like this or “Hey here’s a hundred bits Scoots”, or “come live with ME Scoots” would kind of defeat the purpose of the blog? The group is supposed to be poor, and the group dynamic is based around it. My point is, I appreciate all the asks I get, but if I were to accept things like this it would change the blog way too much, so just think about that before sending your next ask! 

Reblogging because some of you need to be reminded of this. Also to add that if you are sending death threats to my characters from your OCs there is a 205% chance I will not answer them goodbye

Carrot Top: “Like I said before, the girls will only do shit if you have the bits. We say we are in the business of pleasing ponies, but like all good businesses, we are really in it for the money. Besides, who asks a hooker if they can get her pregnant? Nopony ‘cause that’s hella sketch.”

Carrot Top: “And I think that covers the basics. I reserve the right to make up new rules whenever the hell I want though.”

Shiner is meanwhile very concerned with how loud this speech is getting in conjunction with the sleeping foal in the next room…

he gettin served



Let’s just pretend this question is only about a special somepony, not hearts and hooves day due to the fact that I’m over a month late. Yes.

Blogs featured: Factory Scootaloo, Scootaloo the Adventurer, Ghostly Scootaloo, Motherly Scootaloo and last, but not least, Street Scootaloo! So many Scootaloo’s…


she here

who that

We don’t talk about it.

Neither of them do shit for me ever. Completely useless. 

Spike is currently very much grounded.



Spike is currently in his rebellious teen years. Rarity and Sweetie Belle are constantly on the move because of their respective jobs, so he keeps up with them in the latest editions of fashion and pop culture magazines, but that’s about it.


Street Scootaloo has become…

Oh wait, she’s still Street Scootaloo. Only now more pregnant.

Coop Street is now at the same stage of the pregnancy as blog Street

They are going to be SO MARRIED